Lapland Bunting Spotted on Wanstead Flats

A Lapland Bunting has been spotted on Wanstead Flats, a bird species that breeds in Scandinavia. A small numbers visit the east coast of England and Scotland in winter. This is the first time it has been recorded to have landed on Wanstead Flats. It has previously been heard flying by but this time it stayed for a couple of days in the long grassland near Alexandra Lake.

This grassland is very important for wildlife, not least for Skylarks. Wanstead Flats has the most important population of this farmland species anywhere in inner London.

If you want to find out more about local wildlife please take a look at the Wren Conservation Group’s website. Wren Conservation Group

Lapland Bunting on Wanstead Flat. Spotted and photographed by Nick Croft

Lapland Bunting on Wanstead Flats. Photo: Nick Croft