Valentine Love Bomb in Manor Park Village

Please join Friends of Manor Park Village as the group ‘Love Bomb’  the young Oak tree (corner of Carlton Road and Clarence Road)  on Valentine’s Day – Saturday 14th February 2015.

The aim is to show our love and appreciation for this young tree by hanging hand-crafted concrete hearts on its branches. If you feel creative please bring your own heart shapes along.




What: Love Bomb struggling Oak trees in the area.

When: 11am meet-up on Valentine’s Day – Saturday 14th February 2015.

Where: Young Oak tree on Carlton Road / Clarence Road, E12. We are also hoping to Love Bomb the struggling tree opposite the Aquatic Centre on Romford Road.

Why: Using positive imagerty we’d like to show the broader community we care about these trees and hope that they are given a chance to thrive in the future without piles of rubbish being dumped around them.