Durham Road Conservation Zone

Durham Road Conservation Area is a small late Victorian suburb in East London (E12) that retains much of its original charm and character. It was designated a Conservation Area in 1984. Additional planning controls were introduced in 1998 to protect and enhance its special character. The aim is to oppose development that will harm that character of the area and promote work, which will protect and restore its attractive qualities.

Subsequently there are extra rules about building, making changes to buildings and works affecting trees in the Durham Road Conservation Area, that may need consent from the Planning Department at the London Borough of Newham. Work that needs consent includes;

  • replacing windows, doors and roof materials
  • forming new hard surfaces for parking or other uses, or laying new surfaces on existing ones
  • demolishing or rebuilding walls and fences
  • Works to trees [special controls apply to trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders and trees within the Conservation Area]
  • adding certain extensions, dormer windows and satellite dishes
  • painting, cladding or pebble-dashing walls
  • removing stucco work, canopies or other details.

Durham Road Conservation Area is subject to a comprehensive Article 4(2) direction which brings above mentioned alterations under planning control and alters Permitted Development Rights.

This means that works that would normally fall under ‘Permitted Development’ would require planning permission because of the Article 4 direction, therefore the normal planning application fee is waived. Such works would include rebuilding a garden wall or laying a path, replacing windows and doors to the front elevation, or renewing a roof. Alterations to the roof (e.g. building a dormer) require planning permission because the property is located in a conservation area, not as a result of the article 4 direction and therefore a fee would need to be paid.

Please note that the Planning Department will only permit work which keeps or improves the look and character of the conservation area in accordance with the design guide. A copy of the Durham Road Conservation Area Guide and Appraisal can be downloaded ­below.

Durham Road Conservation Zone Design Guide PDF

Durham Road Appraisal and Plan PDF

If you are not sure whether you need permission you are advised to contact the duty planning officer;

Tel: 020 3373 8300

A duty planner is available to take calls on Monday – Friday between 9am and 12 noon.

Further planning advice is also available through the Council’s website;

Newham Council Planning Page

To view current planning applications you can visit:

Newham Council’s Planning Applications Page

If you are concerned building work is in breach of the stipulated planning guidelines please contact:

Planning Enforcement