Litter Pick Heroes

Easy-peasy steps to be a Local Litter Hero ūüėá

‚ô• Be a trend setter and don’t walk by but pick it up. Pick up¬†that glass bottle before it is smashed to smithereens and grab that¬†plastic bag before it¬†becomes a permanent fixture in a tree. ¬†It won’t hurt and nobody will laugh at you. In fact they might be inspired.

♥ Use the Love Newham App and report litter and fly tipping to the council.  The Love Newham App  is very user-friendly and it works!

‚ô• Write to your MP and suggest an introduction of a 10p deposit on drink cans and bottles.

‚ô• Write directly to the manufactures of the soft drink bottles, beer cans and take away chains that litter our environment and ask them why their products are polluting our neighbourhood and what they can do to help with this problem.

♥ Use social media to show manufacturers what their branded goods look like when dumped by their customers in the streets of Newham / Wanstead Flats. Not such a good look,eh? Fighting Litter With Instagram

‚ô• Join the monthly Clean Up litter picks on Wanstead Flat. Every last Sunday of the month.

Meet at: The Golden Fleece Pub, 166 Capel Road, London E12 5DB

Time: 11:00 am Р12.30 pm